VpEN is an electronic nose for vapour phase analysis and water quality monitoring.

VPeN is based on a monitoring camera based on a set of gas sensors. The monitoring camera integrates by default a temperature, a pression and an humidity sensor.

In particular the monitoring camera can handle a sensor array (min 1, max 8 sensors).

The list of available sensors is:

Sensori compatibili VPeN Sensori compatibili VPeN

  • VP1 – Aromatic component
  • VPn – Nitrogen oxides
  • VPx – Ammonia and aromatic components
  • VPp – Propane
  • VPa – Ethanol
  • VPh – Hydrogen
  • VP3 – Alkanes and aromatic components
  • VPr – Sulfur organic compounds


NEW! The smartT module is now available. smartT permits the automatical temperature control